The idea of ​​REVEALIS was born in 2020 from an irrepressible aspiration of Paola Gardellin which would lead her to leave the company in which she had been evolving for more than ten years in positions of significant responsibility. She quickly gathered around her a team of competent and experienced professionals and embarked them on the adventure because they all shared her values ​​and her commitment, her conviction and her ambition: to contribute by adding a small stone to the construction of fairer, more egalitarian, more united world by revealing each person’s value.

For REVEALIS, I have developed a complete program (GEP) that aims at revealing talents, developing potential, breaking down limiting beliefs and working on blockages and self-censorship. My wish is to accompany female talents towards their goals and their full potential.

Paola Gardellin, REVEALIS ‘s founder President

What makes us different

  • Commitment

We created REVEALIS because we strongly believe in its ambitions and values. We work with people who share them, to work together towards a more egalitarian and fairer society.

  • Experience

We are well aware of the difficulties of the people we support, having experienced and overcome them ourselves. The sharing of experience and mutual support drive our approach.

  • Certification

Certified professional coaches, from Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and in Process Communication Model (PCM), from Taibi Kahler Communication Inc.


REVEALIS is made up of a team of certified professional coaches from Grenoble Ecole de Management and all certified in process communication from Kahler Communication, France and Inc.

Paola Gardellin, REVEALIS ‘s founder President, and certified professional Coach, Doctor of Genetics, passionate about human contact, has more than 20 years of experience in project and team management in the health field.
Equality between women and men is a fundamental subject that has always driven her. Having worked for more than 10 years in management positions, she has experience of the sometimes difficult path that is imposed on women who occupy these positions of great responsibility.

Véronique Hustache, associate, certified professional coach, is a graduate in finance and accounting. With more than 20 years of professional experience, her duties as Accounting and Financial Director for a financial institution have led her to become a privileged interlocutor of governing bodies and governance. “Dare to take your place”, “feel legitimate” are themes that are particularly close to her heart. She now wishes to share her experience and put her coaching skills at the service of other talents in order to support them in their professional development.

Jocelyne Deglaine, Professor in Management and Professional Coach, co-director of the Institute of Agility of Organizations until June 2021, an institute which develops work around business agility. She is also an expert consultant-trainer in PCM and behavioral agility, co-author with Jérôme Barrand of “Développer l’agilité comportementale dans l’entreprise” (Dunod, 3rd edition, 2018). She supervises practicing coaches and directors within Agil’OA. With more than 20 years of professional coaching, Jocelyne supports companies with original programs around managerial behavior and behavioral agility.

Géraldine Fabre, associate and communication manager of REVEALIS, Doctor of Earth Sciences and geotechnical engineer, has more than 10 years of experience as a journalist and communication consultant. She now puts her talents as a writer and communicator at the service of projects that inspire her and enthuse her. Driven by the desire to learn and transmit her passion, she considers that nothing is impossible… especially for women!

Magali Spinther, animator on the Well-being component for REVEALIS, is an activist of the movement in its bodily dimension as well as personal development. A graduate of Science Po Paris in Human Resources and trained in Coaching by the Coaching Academy, she has been supporting business executives for more than 15 years on their career and personal development. She discovered Pilates in 2015, a practice that allows her not only to experience movement but also to understand it to better benefit from the energy it brings. Trained as a Pilates instructor at the POLESTAR school, she is passionately involved in teaching Pilates to nurture a winning equation: Well in her body, Well in her mind, Well in her evolution.

Taking care of people is obvious for Delphine Aiello, Yoga practitioner at REVEALIS. She started her career as a sports educator and quickly felt the urge to be more attentive to the “bodies” whether physical, emotional or mental. She then trained in hatha yoga (traditional yoga). For her, getting closer to her physical body in consciousness allows us to get closer to her essential being. It is no longer a question of “doing to do” but of being. Of a benevolent and gentle nature, she considers that to love her body where it is, is to love people where they are, it is to love life!