In The Future of Jobs Report 2018, emotional intelligence appeared among the ten essential managerial qualities to develop.
According to the psychologist Daniel Goleman, pioneer in the field, two-thirds of a company’s results are due to the emotional skills of its managers.

To motivate their team, foster innovation and creativity, a manager should develop a great emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is therefore the keystone of collective performance. Therefore, it will determine the success or failure of a company’s vision or strategy.

It is by supporting the development of these personal and interpersonal skills in your employees that we contribute to increasing the performance and collective intelligence of your teams.

Our tools

Our professional coaches use two powerful and highly complementary tools: the PROCESS COMMUNICATION Model (PCM) and the EQi-2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Quotient).

PCM provides a structural vision of personality.
The EQi-2.0 assesses emotional and social skills.
While the Emotional Quotient (EQ) evolves throughout life, the PCM personality structure is relatively stable.

PCM is a communication tool and a model for understanding one’s own personality and those of others. It provides the keys to developing adapted and efficient communication. It enables you to identify your strengths and needs, and also provides information on how you behave under stress.

The higher a person’s Emotional Quotient, the easier it is to build strong relationships and communicate with impact. They’re better able to cope with life’s uncertainties and hazards, and make the right decisions. They can become key contributors in any field.

Thanks to our workshops

Our half-day or full-day group and themed coaching workshops will enable you to :

  • increase your self-awareness,
  • identify your under-stress behaviors,
  • overcome blockages and limiting beliefs,
  • develop your emotional intelligence,
  • increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

You’ll also develop more efficient communication.
You’ll improve your team’s cohesion and motivation, and/or rediscover sense in your work.

Develop the potential of your teams

Thanks to our thematic coaching workshops:
1. Team cohesion
2. Efficient communication
3. Under-stress behaviors
4. Development of collective intelligence and performance using PCM
5. Work-life balance
6. PCM debriefing
7. EQ debriefing
8. Developing emotional intelligence in teams

Our workshops are available “à la carte” according to your needs and the themes you wish to address. You can also opt for one of our thematic programs: