One of the pillars of REVEALIS is to support talented women to help them to unleash their full potential and get access to leadership positions. Governing bodies with a more balanced composition in companies and organization will signal an undeniable progress of social justice, but also in economic effectiveness thanks to a more faithful representation of society in strategic decision-making bodies..

Women Leadership Program

The Women Leadership Program was created to support women to reveal their talents and help them to find their rightful place in their company or organizations and deliver their full potential.

Our program has the originality to integrate a global approach on mental, emotional and physical well-being. This program is composed of three parts:

  1. A better self-awareness thanks to powerful and recognized tools such as Process Communication and EQi-2.0 (emotional quotient inventory) and also tools created by REVEALIS such “ Carte de Soi”, which allow to better understand your personality structure and develop your emotional intelligence.
  2. The establishment of a career path, with a good match between personal aspirations and business needs.
  3. Well-being retreat to become aware of the need for a right balance between the mind, the heart and the body. These retreats combines physical activities as well as collective coaching sessions. The goal is in the end to improve the well-being at work.

Women Leadership Program

> A group of 4 to 10 talents to create a dynamic
> Individual coaching for better self-knowledge
> Collective workshops to promote the sharing of experience and mutual aid

The Women Leadership Program runs for 6 months

Governing bodies: where are the women?

As in France, in all European countries, the proportion of women has increased less quickly in executive committees than in board committees.

Evolution of the feminization in the EUROSTOXX50 boards and executive committees

Diversity, a lever for business performance

However, there is no longer any need to demonstrate that gender equality in management teams contributes to better company performance.

The McKinsey study (2013), based on 300 companies around the world, shows in particular that the companies with the most women in top management positions increase their profitability by more than 40% and their operating profit by more than 56%. This link between diversity and economic performance is confirmed in almost all economic sectors.

In addition to the economic benefit, diversity in companies also promotes creativity and innovation, making it possible to have a variety of points of view on work and to attract talent. Diversity also improves the quality of life at work.