Our conviction is that each of us has talents to be developed, used and made available in order to be able to fulfill ourselves. To reveal them, we first need to know ourselves better in order to be able to identify our potential, our sources of motivation and above all our psychological needs. It is only by nourishing our psychological needs that each of us can flourish and give the best of ourselves.

Reveal your talents and unleash your full potential

with :
> Our self-knowledge tools
> Our thematic coaching workshops
> Our mentoring programs

Towards better self-knowledge

A better knowledge of one’s self, one’s needs, one’s strengths and one’s weaknesses allows each person to develop and better use their emotional intelligence but above all to find their rightful place within a group, or a team to deliver their full potential.

To accompany you on this introspective path rich in revelations, we have developed various self-knowledge tools and thematic coaching modules. These modules can be chosen “à la carte” according to your needs and objectives.

Our professional coaches also use the tools of the PCM, Process Communication Model of Taibi Kahler Communication Inc., for which they are certified.

Orientation and professional integration

Having identified one’s talents, motivations, psychological needs and knowing how they work is a valuable asset for students and recent graduates, being able to guide them in their career choices and promote their professional integration.

We also propose the implementation of mentoring programs, associating students or young graduates with an experienced and stimulating mentor, whose support and sharing of skills allows the mentee to increase their confidence, their skills and their chances of success in achieving personal and professional goals.

Kick-off of the mentoring program for students, doctoral students and postdocs of the Francophone Network of Metabolomics and Fluxomics (RFMF), November 24, 2021.
Group of doctoral students, post-doctoral students, researchers who are members of the RFMF Network, including those benefiting from the mentoring program set up by REVEALIS. Aussois, November 2021.

Mentoring is primarily aimed at the personal development of the young people, particularly in the context of completing their doctorate in science, their post-doctorate, or others. It has many positive impacts, such as strengthening intergenerational bonds but also promoting the sharing of a common culture beyond differences in position and origin. It also encourages parity by providing support for certain minorities, and by promoting diversity by providing support from the start of a career.

Audrey Le Gouellec
Member of the Bureau of the Francophone Network RFMF